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Big Sister M.P. and Little Sister P.M. 2015


Big Sister M.P. and Little Sister P.M. 2009

«Start Something!

What if every child fulfilled his or her potential? Think how amazing that would be. Now, you can start more Littles on the path to BIG THINGS.

If you would like to sign up a child to be matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister click link below.

«Enroll a Child

OR, What will you do? Are you ready to positively impact a child for the better, forever?

«Be a Big Brother

«Be a Big Sister

Volunteering is fun, big time! Getting Started is EASY…

First, «Apply. Click here to fill out an easy online application! Your application will be reviewed by a member of our staff, and if it matches the needs of one of the children currently awaiting a Big Brother or Big Sister, you will be contacted and provided further instructions on the next steps.

Second, Get trained. Complete online training and decide whether mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters is a good fit for you. Before sending you out with your Little, all volunteers will be asked to attend mandatory training where you’ll learn about the typical match life cycle as well as how to handle scenarios that may arise during your match.

Third, Get screened. Because you’ll be working with children in a one-to-one setting, it’s very important to create a safe environment for both you and the child. Our screening process is very thorough and includes an interview that will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. This allows us to learn more about you and helps us determine which children will best match up with your personality. The Littles and their families go through the same process. Please be prepared to provide a valid government issued photo ID at the time of your interview. You will also be asked to fill out paperwork, so we can begin your background check. At this time, we will contact three references  you provided on the application.

Fourth, Get matched. You will then be matched to a child who will best fit your preferences and personality. Your initial meeting with the child is called a Match Meeting where you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your Little, his or her Parent/Guardian and your Case Manager. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the guidelines for the match and plan your first outing together. After the Match Meeting you are officially matched and ready for fun! If you have any concerns along the way, your Case Manager will be happy to help you with advice. To ensure that you develop a strong relationship with your Case Manager, we ask that you check-in at least once per month to let him or her know how your match is going. Additional trainings will also be offered after your match has started. You will be assigned to a Case Manager upon being matched who will keep you up to date on all scheduled trainings.

Think you want to be a Big Brother?
«Learn more 

Think you want to be a Big Sister?
«Learn more 

Volunteering just a few hours a month with a child can start something amazing. So why not apply to be a Big today? We have kids ready to get started. Are you? Thank you for your interest in becoming a Big. Please review the «Volunteer FAQ before completing the «online application.

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